What is a doula?

“We cannot birth our babies through sheer force of will. We need to learn the more subtle, the equally powerful, path of surrender.” 

Sarah J. Buckley MD – author of gentle birth, gentle mothering


Do you feel that you would benefit from some extra emotional, practical and physical support during your pregnancy/during birth/after the birth of your baby? 

Evidence based research shows that…

Continuous support during labour has clinically meaningful benefits for women and infants…all women should have support throughout labour and birth. (2012 Hodnett et al. updated Cochrane review)

Women who receive continuous support during labour have reduced risk of caesarean, instrumental delivery or need for analgesia compared to usual care. (evidence based nurs. 2013)

Continual support during labour and breastfeeding….blood pressure and use of analgesia is significantly reduced….reduced rates of labour pain and anxiety, more ability to cope…more likely to breastfeed exclusively. (Hofmeyr, Nilcodem et al.1991)



Doula as Birth Supporter ~

Women from all walks of life can greatly benefit from that extra loving care and support, whether they are first time parents, a single parent, having had previous births, had a previous traumatic birth, their immediate family isn’t available or just simply that they feel drawn to having one on one care. 

  • A doula can provide support to the mother / partner to achieve the best birth experience desired whether at home, at a birth centre or in the hospital.
  • She offers continuous emotional, physical and practical support, offers guidance in creating the optimal space/environment for a gentle birth experience.
  • Through staying in the present moment and observing what is, she encourages and nurtures the instinct and intuition of mum and can support their partner to feel confident in the process.
  • She facilitates and protects where advocacy is required and works alongside the healthcare professionals.
  • During labour and birth she quietly steps back – after all it is the most intimate and special moment for mum and baby!
  • Unless a situation requires her help, she is a gentle energy in the room for you to access if you need some warm encouraging words, a soothing back massage, a cold flannel on your forehead, some laughs to ease your mind, refreshments and more.